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You can remodel in any part of your property. Maybe your kitchen is starting to look like Grandma Walton did her cooking there. Perhaps your yard looks like abandoned property, or you're just drooling over the fancy new master bedroom suite you saw in a magazine. Pick your area that needs improvement and find out everything from how much it might cost to the latest trends to whether you need a pro or can do it yourself.
D E S I G N  G A L L E R Y

Master suite -- Add some space to your bedroom, with sitting areas, big closets, dressing areas and even snack areas.

Spare bedroom -- Spare bedrooms are doing double-duty as combination guest room, hobby room, workout room, home office or playroom.

Kitchen -- Homeowners typically recoup more than 80 percent of their kitchen-renovation dollars at resale.

Bathroom -- Products once available only in million-dollar homes are now available to the masses.

Family room -- The old adage that less is more is truly the rule of thumb in this high-traffic space.

Patio -- It's more than just a place to sit outdoors.

Yard -- Make a profit while you beautify your surroundings.

Garage -- Most people use their garages for storage, so the hot trends are things that maximize space.

Utility room -- If the garage is full, add space by organizing and shelving this little-used room.

Home office -- Think "wireless" to avoid having to hire someone to rewire your house.


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Home Improvement
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