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Exclusive   2007 Checking Study
  STATISTIC: The average monthly service charge for interest-paying  
  accounts jumped nearly $1 a month.  

Noninterest monthly service fee falls again

Monthly service fee for interest-paying accounts at new high
The average monthly service fee jumped nearly $1 per month, from $10.74 to a new high of $11.72 since the last survey. Of the 247 interest accounts in the survey, 235 (95 percent) charge a monthly service fee. And the list of banks increasing versus decreasing the fee since the last survey is as lopsided as a bad college football game -- 47-to-5!

Average monthly service fee (interest)

Monthly service fee for noninterest accounts hits new low
For noninterest accounts, the average monthly service fee fell for the 15th time in the 17 editions of the survey. The average monthly service fee is now $2.26, down from $2.52 one year ago. Just 71 of the 226 noninterest accounts surveyed charge a monthly fee.

Average monthly service fee (noninterest)


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