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Exclusive   Check Card Survey 2007
  STATISTIC: Of the 97 of 100 banks that offer debit cards, 47 have reward  
  programs for debit card use.  
Check Card Survey 2007

2007 Check Card Survey results

Bankrate.com surveyed the top five banks and top five thrifts in 10 of the largest markets to find out what fees they charge for check card use. We also surveyed reward programs and fraud and loss protection coverage. The survey was done by Heather Kuhn and Karen Harabin.

Survey results
Select the market:    
New York
Bank name Offer check card? (Y/N) Annual fee for check card? POS fee
for PIN
Bank of America Y None $0 $0 Y Y
Chase Bank Y None $0 $0 Y Y
Citibank Y None $0 $0 Y Y
HSBC Bank USA Y None $0 $0 N Y
North Fork Bank Y None $0 $0 Y Y
Astoria Federal Savings and Loan Assn Y None $1 each $0 N Y
Emigrant Savings Bank Y None $0 $0 N Y
New York Community Bank dba Queens County Savings Bank Y None $0 $0 Y Y
Sovereign Bank New England Y None $0 $0 N Y
Washington Mutual Bank Y None $0 $0 Y Y

-- Posted: Mar. 12, 2007
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