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What's hot?
SUV | Going green
The price of gasoline has many consumers shopping for cars that squeeze the most miles from a gallon. Using an average of the EPA city-highway projected mileage numbers, we list the most fuel efficient gasoline-powered vehicle in your favorite body style.
 Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel MPG: 17 city / 22 highway
Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel   With changes to the emission standards for diesel engines in 2008, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the few vehicles that come with the fuel-efficient diesel. It's a 3-liter V6 engine that is based on technology from Mercedes-Benz that requires the new reformulated diesel fuel that has less sulfur. Although the fuel mileage is good for an SUV of this size, it receives an inferior rating from Greenercars.org because diesel engines are inherently dirtier than gasoline engines. It's not available in California, New York, Vermont, Massachusetts and Maine. MSRP: $38,580.
 Land Rover LR2 MPG: 16 city / 23 highway
Land Rover LR2   A good SUV for rugged off-road use, the Land Rover LR2 is also relatively fuel efficient when compared to other SUVs. Its 3.2-liter V6 returns as much as 23 mpg in highway driving. It has not been rated by Greenercars.org. MSRP: $33,895
 Toyota 4Runner MPG: 16 city / 21 highway
Toyota 4Runner   Recently redesigned, the 4Runner has become a much more sophisticated than it was in previous generations. Still true to the body-on-frame construction of a traditional SUV, the 4Runner returns a somewhat respectable 21 mpg in highway driving. It has been rated as average by Greenercars.org. MSRP: $27,635-$38,385.

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