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What's hot?
Sedan | Going green
The price of gasoline has many consumers shopping for cars that squeeze the most miles from a gallon. Using an average of the EPA city-highway projected mileage numbers, we list the most fuel efficient gasoline-powered vehicle in your favorite body style.
 Toyota Prius Hybrid MPG: 49 city / 49 highway
Toyota Prius Hybrid   Not surprisingly, the Prius Hybrid is the most environmentally friendly four-door sedan on the market. The raters at Greenercar.org give it their highest rating of "superior" and a Green Score of 53. The revised 2008 mileage rating drops the estimated numbers a bit from 2007, but it still comes in at 48 mpg city and 45 mpg highway. MSRP: $22,175-$23,070.
 Honda Civic Hybrid MPG: 40 city / 45 highway
Honda Civic Hybrid   Honda's energy-conserving gas-hybrid power plant comes in a more conventional sedan package than the Toyota Prius. In fact, except for a small "Hybrid'' badge, there's nothing to distinguish a regular Civic from a hybrid on the outside. The Civic Hybrid gets a "superior" rating from Greenercar.org, with a rating of 53. MSRP: $22,600-$24,350.
 Toyota Camry Hybrid MPG: 33 city / 34 highway
Toyota Camry Hybrid   Need a bigger sedan than either the Civic or the Prius? Toyota's Camry Hybrid delivers significantly better fuel economy than its gas-only counterpart. It's rated at 33 mpg city and 34 mph highway. It also gets a "superior" rating from Greenercars.org and a rating of 46. MSRP: $25,200.

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