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You want cars? We've got 'em! Starting with our top three recommendations in each vehicle class -- by price -- we also help you find the car of your dreams by reviewing an array of groupings such as affordable convertibles, best crossover vehicles, the safest cars on the road, the least expensive and the most expensive, the "steals" on the market and more.

Car selection
THE 2004s

The best of the new -- Here's a rundown on the best of the 2004 lineup, based on your favorite vehicle type and in the price range you can afford.

2004 models bring new sticker shock -- Ranking right up there with death and taxes for things you can be sure of, most of the shiny new 2004 models come with brand new price tags -- usually higher than last year's.

10 cheapest cars for 2004 -- You want it new, cheap and warrantied? You've come to the right place. These 10 models are the flat-out cheapest new cars you can buy for 2004.

10 best steals for 2004 -- Getting the "best deal" on a new car means getting the best value -- the most car for the money. Here are the best 10 "steals" you should be able to make.

Affordable droptops -- most bang for your buck -- They may be the stuff dreams are made of but you don't have to drive one only in your dreams. This collection of classy convertibles will fit your budget.

Crossovers -- cars for a new generation -- Crossover is a new term attached to a wide variety of cars with one common denominator -- they're all aimed at a new generation of car buyers.


Finding the right car -- What's it going to be? SUV or sports car? Family sedan or pickup truck? From the confusing array of what's out there here's how to zero in on the "right" car for you.

Picking your price -- Determining the price range that suits your budget best is as important as finding the right car for your needs. It may not be as simple as you think. Here's some fiscally sound advice.

Domestic vs. import -- You can start a pretty good argument by asking who makes the best cars.


Before you buy, check repair ratings -- If the 2001 Clunkmobile was junk, maybe you shouldn't buy the 2004.

Car costs go beyond purchase price -- Keep in mind the expenses of fuel, repairs, insurance and depreciation.

Safest cars on the road today -- If safety is one of your top priorities in buying a new car, here are the models you should be looking at.

Where the rubber meets the road -- You just shelled out big bucks for that new car, but did you pay for the tires you really need? Here's a look at some tire issues you should consider.

Like the new model? Wait a year -- Experts say it frequently takes a year to work the bugs out of a car redesign.

-- Posted: Dec. 9, 2003

2004 Car Guide
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