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Readers reminisce: My most romantic gift
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Two birds with one stone
The most romantic gift I received was delivered Valentine's Day afternoon at work.

Four handsome men walked into the store where I worked, dressed in red vests and bearing a homemade valentine, a red rose, and a pitch pipe. They gathered around my desk, and began singing romantic songs from their barber shop repertoire.

Of course everyone in the store gathered around, and I think I blushed the color of the red rose when they presented with a flourish the rose with the valentine signed by my husband.

The men were from the Society for the Preservation of Barbershop Harmonies, who for a fundraiser donated their talents.

It touched my heart in two ways: once for the love of my husband, and twice for the support of the art.

-- Alice Prather

Right time, right place, right tools
The most romantic gift I ever received was on a day that I was moving into a new house. I had all my belongings in a U-Haul trailer, and had just pulled up to the new house when a prospective boyfriend pulled up a few minutes later.

He went to his trunk, opened it, and took out a toolbox and a bottle of champagne. He hung all my pictures, fixed whatever needed fixing, and then toasted my "new beginnings" in my new house (and new town) with the champagne.

That moving day was 20 years ago. He became the love of my life. We are not physically together now, but emotionally and spiritually we shall always be.

I still have the empty champagne bottle on my patio with a sprig of flowers in it.

-- Kitty Kelly

Fly me to the moon
The most romantic gift I ever received was a gift certificate for two flying lessons from my future husband.

That got me back on track to getting my pilot's license. I had it just a few months later. Guess who got the first flight with the new pilot?

-- Patricia Alber

One man's treasure
My most romantic gift ever received was from my new bride 26 years ago. As a wedding present she purchased for me, after doing considerable research on her own, a new 400cc Yamaha dirt bike. I knew she "understood" at that point. So, a couple of months later I bought her a 100cc Yamaha dirt bike -- so she could ride along with me -- and took her on a European vacation.

-- Kevin Golding

Bankrate.com's corrections policy -- Posted: Feb. 6, 2006
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