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Copy of a bogus job ad

Looking for a job? The Web can be a great source for job postings, but you must be cautious. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Be especially vigilant about e-mails offering help getting a job. Many unsolicited e-mails are fraudulent.

Here's an example of a bogus job offer we found on the Web.

Sales Representative For Non-US Compa - (US-PA-Pittsburgh)

Min Education: High School
Jobcode: JD79B67CKYN2RCLN
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AstaLumber Ltd., located in Vilnius, Lithuania, is inviting for a job. We specialize in different construction materials: -- structural concrete, glass, lumber
-- building bricks, stone, implements, paint, log
-- gypsum plaster -- construction lime. Your task consists of: We give you list of our potential customers with phone numbers. You need to contact them by phone and offer our goods. Sometimes you'll need to write down order details and relay it to our central office. You'll need to contact 10-15 companies per day and it won't take more than 3 hours per day, so the job is part-time. Requirements: - USA citizenship - At least college education. You're paid on the monthly basis, $2,600 per month. Your salary does not depend on sales. We are going to pay your phone bills. Salary for the first month of the work is paid upfront. For additional information please mail:

-- Posted: July 3, 2002

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