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Overview 2008
Archive of personal finance articles
As part of its Financial Literacy series, Bankrate's articles explore retirement, mortgages, credit cards and more.
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Overview of Financial Literacy

06/23/2008 - Retirement accounts for newbies
It's private enemy number one: the tendency to procrastinate. Don't hesitate to sign up for your company plan at the first opportunity.

06/23/2008 - Outsmarting inflation
These investments can help you combat that insidious erosion of your purchasing power known as inflation.

05/26/2008 - Risks of online public records
Think you've got your personal data under control? Anyone with a computer can access it online with complete anonymity.

05/26/2008 - Lifestage identity theft risks
It can happen to anyone at any stage of life, but the easiest targets are young adults who expose themselves more to risks.

05/26/2008 - Red flag rules
By November 1st, financial institutions must comply with new federal rules designed to thwart ID thieves.

05/26/2008 - 26 red flags revealed
Financial institutions will monitor accounts for these red flags.

05/26/2008 - Filing a police report
ID theft victims are frustrated when understaffed or indifferent authorities refuse to take a report.

04/21/2008 - The costs of ID theft
Sleazy con artists cause a great deal of inconvenience to consumers, businesses and government -- not to mention $45 billion in costs.

04/21/2008 - Guard your Social Security number
Your SSN is classified information and few people have the right to access it.

04/21/2008 - Protect your personal information
Crooks would love to know all about you, including your date of birth, account numbers and mother's maiden name. Keep them in the dark.

02/25/2008 - The human side to debt
Debt affects more than the balance sheet; it interferes with peace of mind and other important things.

02/25/2008 - Debt life stages
The debt treadmill typically starts from youth and continues on through life, sometimes into the not-so-golden years.

02/25/2008 - Spending trade-offs
Spending has become way too easy. Here's how to counter the forces that can hurl you to self-destruction.

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