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Family decisions
Make choices that enrich your lives. That doesn't necessarily mean buying things, but putting family first.
Families and finances

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 Choosing the right school for your children
How do you pick the best school? Choose one that caters to your child's learning style and interests.
 6 tips for living with boomerang kids
Several forces are driving young college grads to move back home. Set them straight at the outset.
 Financial planning for cats and dogs
Your dog or cat depends on you. Plan for the unexpected by getting pet health insurance and a pet trust.
 Blended, separate finances
Experts say couples heading into a second or third marriage need contingency plans to make it work.
 Divorce 101
Lay the groundwork before a split-up to avoid having to ratchet down your lifestyle too much.
 Is life insurance a must?
Whether you need life insurance depends on your age, family structure and financial situation.
 Permanent insurance primer
Permanent insurance is far more complicated and expensive than term. Here's a rundown on the different types.
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