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Financial Literacy - Budgeting
Even famous folks budget
Celebs share what they learned about budgeting back when money was hard to come by.
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Star baseball players spending power
Are baseball players overpaid?

You make the call. Choose one of the 20 Major League Baseball players from Bankrate.com's list of the highest-paid baseball players, and see how ordinary purchases affect their bank accounts compared to an average $30,000-a-year consumer.

Source: Cot's Baseball Contracts
Excludes signing bonuses, incentives, endorsements, appearance fees, perks, per diem, etc.
Select a player:
Income: $27,000,000 a year
At this price*
Seems to cost:
* Relative price of products
  What's your experience with budgeting? Are you struggling?
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-- Posted: April 24, 2007
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