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Financial Literacy - College funding
College fund toolkit
A glossary of terms, calculators, work sheets and links to other useful sites to help you through the financing jungle.
Smart ways to pay for college

Self-help tools, tips and more  
Higher education costs a bundle. Use these calculators, work sheets and more to get the most out of every college financing dollar.

  Having that special talk ... about money
  10 financial aid pitfalls
  Student loan forgiveness: Rare, but possible
  Home equity can be source of tuition money
  Colleges help to tame tuition
  5 ways to make college saving a cinch
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Calculators and decision tools
What will it take to save for a college education?
What is the cost of raising a child?
The 529 college savings plan estimator
How much aid can you expect?
Grade your 529 plan
Compare student loan rates in your area

Terms to know
College financing glossary

Work sheets
College budget work sheet
Budget: spending allowances
Budget: weekly spending tracker
Daily expense tracker work sheet
Creating an emergency fund
College cost comparison work sheet
Calculate how much to borrow in private loans
Financial aid tracker

College fund basics
Is college worth the money?
Comparing education savings plans
Reduce your contribution, increase aid
Looking for cash in all the right places
Repaying your student loans

Outside resources
Federal government resources
Fill out your FAFSA
Compare 7,000 schools across the country
Federal student aid on the Web
Think college early
Plan your education
Government jobs and internships for students
Manage your direct loan online
Resources for graduate students
Further outside resources
Smart Money: college planning
How much will that education be worth?
Analyze your loan
How much will college cost you?
Calculate your expected family contribution
Saving for college 101
College financing guide and tools
Map your future
Understand your options for paying for school

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