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Bankrate's Tax Toolbox has everything you need to get your taxes done -- stories and tips that will make filing your return easier.
Getting your taxes done
Tax law changes Your tax form guide
Before you start your return, find out what tax changes you'll face. Tax changes Ready to file? Get all your paperwork in hand and in order.
Don't overlook deductions and credits
Deductions and credits These write-offs can dramatically cut your tax bill. Finding tax help You can get tax help by phone, Internet or from a human being.
Taxes for the self-employed
Taxes for the self-employed Being your own boss is great. And, in many cases, there even are tax advantages. Tax mistakes Filing errors that seem minor can cost you major dollars.
Are you audit bait? Getting your taxes to the IRS
Are you audit bait? We all like to be noticed, except by the IRS. Make sure you're not next in line for an audit. Sending your taxes Make sure that return arrives at the IRS safely.
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Tax Basics
Knowing how to file can save you money.
Filling out the W-4 form
What is my tax rate?
How to itemize deductions
Tax credits can lower bill
Death and taxes
Tax record-keeping

Income tax rates  
Tax forms  
State taxes  
Tax basics

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