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Cash access
Getting around for less

Pro: Credit unions have shared ATMs and branches.

While big banks advertise the convenience of the ATM or branch around the corner, some credit unions have joined forces to offer their members the same easy cash access with the CO-OP ATM network and a shared branch alliance.

"Credit unions have made large strides in an effort to level the playing field in terms of ATM access," McBride says.

CUNA's Keefe says the CO-OP ATM network includes almost 30,000 cash machines, and shared branching gives members the ability to conduct in-person transactions at nearly 4,700 branches around the country.

Con: Not all credit unions are created equal.

While sharing branches and ATMs helps many members, joining a credit union does not guarantee you'll enjoy access to the network. Of the nation's more than 7,000 credit unions, Keefe says 3,000 belong to the CO-OP network, and 1,400 provide shared branching services.



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