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Special section Experts' 8 smart moves for '08

Bankrate's columnists assembled the top 8 tips in their respective areas of expertise to offer readers advice for 2008.


Experts' 8 smart moves for '08

Once again, Bankrate brings you expert advice from our columnists on the best financial strategies to prepare you for 2008.

With the holidays winding down, it's the perfect time to read through the top 8 tips from our experts: Don Taylor, Justin Harelik, Steve McLinden, George Saenz, Steve Bucci, Joseph Hurley and Terry Jackson, and get in gear for a new year.

2008 financial advice
Real Estate Adviser: 8 moves for home buyers, sellers
  A chastened housing market bodes well for buyers, but sellers are in for more pain.
Car Columnist: 8 smart moves for car buyers
  Plan to buy a new or used vehicle in the coming year? Here's what you should be doing now.
College Money Guru: 8 smart college money moves
  Keep these tips in mind if you are saving for college in the coming year.
Bankruptcy Adviser: 8 top bankruptcy tips
  The housing crisis leads the way in bankruptcy despair, but being proactive can help ease the pain.
Dr. Don: 8 smart personal finance moves
  Dr. Don Taylor offers tips (plus a bonus idea) for making the right personal finance moves.
Tax Adviser: 8 wise tax moves
  These tax tips can help lessen the grip of Uncle Sam, says CPA George Saenz.
Debt Adviser: 8 reasons to manage debt
  Debt can have a devastating effect on your life, and there are good reasons to be careful with the money you owe.
-- Posted: Dec. 28, 2007
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