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3 steps for building a cash reserve

Are your money habits preventing you from saving? It's time to zap your willy-nilly spending and start a savings account. Even doubters on a tight budget can reach a savings goal. Try it!

Pay yourself every payday

Create space in your budget to save
It's easier to find spots to save when you make a plan.
Plus: A budget worksheet

Calculate how you can reach your savings goal
Find out how much you have to set aside to achieve your goal.

Cultivate a rainy-day account

How to build an emergency fund
Check out these ways to stash cash, even on a tight income.

15 simple ways to stretch your budget
Use our handy checklist to free up some cash and boost your savings account.

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Invest your savings wisely

Know your savings products
Here are your options when you want to invest your cash, but still keep it liquid.

Earn the best yield on your savings
Tips on how to enjoy both liquidity and a better yield.

Choosing between a CD or a money market
Here's how they differ.

-- Updated: Dec. 7, 2004





CDs and Investments
Compare today's rates
1 yr CD 1.09%
2 yr CD 1.29%
5 yr CD 1.70%

  How long will your savings last  
  How to reach a savings goal -- with scheduled payments  
  Watch your savings grow with regular deposits  
CDs and Investing Basics
Set your goals with an investing plan.
Develop a savings plan
Every kind of CD explained
Treasury bonds and more
Pros and cons of annuities
All about IRAs
Bank or credit union?
Best rates for CDs, more

CD rates in your area  
Bankrate's Top Tier Award for best quarterly CD and MMA performers  
Track the prime rate, other leading rates  
Savings basics

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