CD rates for Sept. 22, 2011



It's a boon for borrowers but a bust for savers as CD rates are dismal - at best.

The average one-year certificate of deposit yield remains at 0.39 percent. The average five-year CD yield fell 3 basis points to 1.31 percent.

On the jumbo end, the average one-year jumbo CD yield is flat at 0.42 percent. The five-year jumbo CD yield is down 2 basis points to 1.36 percent. CD rates will be low for years, but investors have a few alternatives -- though none are great.

Those who live off of their savings and investments are hit hard by falling interest rates. Retirees living off their nest egg are finding it harder and harder to pay the bills. It might be a great time to borrow money, but it's a lousy time to save it.

There are ways to earn higher interest on your investments - to find out how - just visit I'm Kristin Arnold.




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