6 ways to save money on rental cars

Consider insurance carefully
Consider insurance carefully © Chad McDermott/

If you're renting a car domestically, chances are the personal car insurance you already carry will cover rental cars. In other cases, your credit card may cover collision damage, but not necessarily liability or personal injury. Some car rental insurance policies seem to protect the rental company rather than the renter, says Shane Fischer, an attorney in Winter Park, Fla.

"Rental car insurance may be unnecessary if renters feel that they have adequate coverage from personal insurance or their credit cards, or if they are aware of their financial responsibility if something happened to the rental car," says Paula Lyons, a former car rental reservation agent and owner of the website Best Car Rental Tips. Just realize that when you choose not to purchase the insurance sold by the rental car company, you'll be responsible for dealing with the situation if there is an accident.

"I suggest to all renters to fully investigate any possible coverage they may have through their own insurance or their credit card, including the terms, conditions and restrictions of such coverage, before they get to the rental counter," Lyons says.


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