Fuel-efficient pickups for frugal families

5 fuel-efficient family pickups
5 fuel-efficient family pickups © Ford Motor Company

Think you can't save money on gas and drive a pickup truck? You might be surprised. Thanks to the new federal fuel-efficiency standards, pickups get better gas mileage than ever and, for frugal families, that means spending less at the gas pump. What's more, the pickup truck segment has changed in the last few years. Supersmall pickups without much passenger space are being replaced by larger, family-friendly, fuel-efficient pickups that don't compromise on performance.

These five pickups get good gas mileage, according to Their mpg figures are in line with many older, midsize passenger cars. So, if you've been worried you can't get the flexibility of a pickup without taking a hit to your wallet, fear no more.

All mpg figures cited are estimates from the Environmental Protection Agency for two-wheel-drive models. Individual fuel economy will vary depending on driving style and will decline when the truck is used to haul or tow heavy items.


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