Car depreciation: 5 models that lose value

2012 Kia Sedona LX
2012 Kia Sedona LX
  • MSRP: $24,900
  • Depreciation over five years: $17,730
  • Gas mileage:
    • City - 18 mpg
    • Highway - 25 mpg

When it comes to minivans, the Kia Sedona may save you money upfront, but if you're concerned with selling it in the short run, you may want to think hard before purchasing it.

Over five years, the 2012 Sedona depreciates by $17,730 and carries a complete cost of ownership of $41,727, according to IntelliChoice. Although the Kia brand has been overhauled in the past few years, the Sedona is the last holdout of the previous generation, says Eric Lyman, vice president of ALG, a Santa Barbara, Calif.-based research firm that ranks vehicles based on their resale value.

"The automobile market is one of rapid change, and without significant enhancements since 2006, the Sedona is a bit outdated in terms of refinement and technology," Lyman says.

Want a minivan that retains more of its value? Check out the 2012 Honda Odyssey, with an MSRP at $28,375. According to IntelliChoice, the Odyssey has a five-year car depreciation of $14,768 and a complete cost of ownership of $38,398 after five years.


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