7 low-cost ways to spruce up your used car

Spruce up your car
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"Saving money" and "new car" are terms that usually don't jibe. No matter what sort of new car bargain you find, the depreciation you take as soon as you drive off the lot usually outweighs any front-end savings.

Why not just spruce up your used car instead?

Sam Memmolo, host of "MotorHead Garage" on Fox Sports Network, says doing things to freshen your car is usually a good idea, but consumers should consider the condition and longevity of their used car first.

"People need to be reasonable and evaluate their car to determine if putting money into it is worth it," Memmolo says.

Mark Scott, a manager at the consumer site, says that any time you fix up your car, you're going to add some value. Just don't go crazy. "Anything that is going to be an expensive upgrade probably won't bring a return on your money because the average used-car buyer just wants a car that works," Scott says.




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