Dear Terry,

I have a car I want to sell and haven’t done this before. What should I include (and not include) in a classified ad when selling a used car?  I’ll use the local paper and may pay for an online ad as well. Any guidance will be appreciated. By the way, I found your suggestion in a previous column about the sticky notes on the car in addition to the for sale sign to be a novel idea.


Dear Mark,

To quote the old Jack Webb character in Dragnet, just give them the facts. That means year, mileage, color, engine size (if an optional engine was available for your car), transmission, condition and price. If the car has some exceptional options, you might add that. Some people argue against putting in the price so that people will call and you can start a dialogue. In my experience, people have a target price in mind they want to spend and you’ll just get a lot of, “thanks, but no thanks,” calls if buyers are looking for a $3,000 car and yours is priced at $5,000.

Lastly, always be prepared to come down a couple hundred dollars from your listed price. People love thinking they got a bargain.

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