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Americans share how the storm impacted them and how it is hitting some squarely in the wallet.
Mother Nature can cause major damage. Which cost more, Katrina or the Northridge earthquake?
Does your homeowners policy reflect your current insurance needs? Check your coverage.
Home insurance isn't just for property damage. These protections are standard in most policies.
A standard homeowners insurance won't cover damage or destruction from a flood.
Commonly known as home insurance, this coverage protects you from natural hazard damage.
A public adjuster can extract more from the homeowners insurance company. But at a price.
Since 1980, the U.S. has been hit by 110 billion-dollar disasters. Can we weather the storm?
Inflatable bounce houses are fun, until someone gets hurt. Be sure your family is safe and insured.
If you employ a household staff, make sure you're insured for claims of wrongful acts. 
Take these steps to prevent or deal with an insurance cancellation following severe weather.
Does the decline in housing prices mean your homeowners premium is too high?
If disaster takes your home, loss of use insurance helps cover those emergency bills.
The cost of homeowners insurance is on the rise. Learn how to save money as it does.
Want to lower your insurance costs without losing benefits? Chances are, all you have to do is ask.
Take time to understand your policy's details. What you don't know could hurt you later.
Is your home literally under water? See if your insurance will cover the damage.
If Bowzer's on the "bad dog" list, you might be in for hefty premiums. Here's why, and what to do.
You don't have to move to another state to pare down your homeowners insurance premiums.
Termites have eaten you out of house and home? Your homeowners' policy might be of little help.
Home is where the heart is. It is crucial in your financial plan that you can replace this valuable investment.
The difference between cash value and replacement value could empty your wallet.

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