5 ways to beat the payroll tax increase

Negotiate household bills
Negotiate household bills © wavebreakmedia/

Almost everything is up for negotiation, so why not try to get your personal bills lowered? For instance, telephone and cable companies frequently offer lowball fees to get you to sign up and raise the prices later. Call them and ask to get their current promotional prices, or at least get a less expensive package than the one for which you're currently paying.

Contributors to Ramit Sethi's blog, "I Will Teach You to Be Rich," have reported negotiating savings of as much as $100 per month on cable bills and $20 per month on cellphone bills.

In addition, call your insurance agent to lower insurance premiums or consider switching to a new one to find less expensive coverage. "If you haven't shopped your auto, home or life insurance policies in a couple of years, you may find a significant savings lurking," Mersman says.


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