5 lessons new retirees learn the hard way

Retirement » 5 Lessons New Retirees Learn The Hard Way

Part-time work doesn't always work
Part-time work doesn't always work © Tyler Olson/

The idea of using part-time work to fill financial gaps and provide a social outlet for new retirees has become a popular theory in retirement plans today. It may sound simple and even look good on paper, but finding a gig that meets all of a new retiree's desires can be a different story.

Most people don't plan to retire to a more difficult or stressful job, let alone for less pay. However, overly optimistic retirees can end up regretting their retirement decision if they don't take steps to line up the actual work they will be doing.

"Keep your expectations low when it comes to part-time work," says Moriarty. "Treat it as a means to getting out of the house and earning some extra money rather than supplementing your monthly living expenses."


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