7 cars for moms to escape the minivan rut

Moms can have cool cars, too

Choosing seven 2013 vehicles that moms will love isn't an attempt to group cars and trucks by gender preference. Rather, it simply presents a variety of cars and trucks that make a busy mom's life a bit easier.

Each has some feature or attribute designed to save time, money or effort as Mom fulfills her various roles as chauffeur, errand-runner and income-producer.

Bankrate included everything from a hybrid to a full-size pickup truck. What you won't find is a minivan. There are several very good ones out there that could have made this group, but think of this as a list of minivan alternatives.

All but one of these entries are available with all-wheel drive as an extra-cost option.

Although many of these vehicles are larger than cars, fuel economy was still an important qualifier. Every vehicle on this list had to get at least 20 miles per gallon in combined city and highway driving, based on Environmental Protection Agency estimates.



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