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5 ways to repay college loans fast

Start budgeting and saving to repay student loans so you won’t be in debt for years. Read more


College Finance Basics

Education-savings plans

Paying for college is a big burden for families. Here are tax-favored savings plans to help bear the cost.

  • State-sponsored savings plans aren't all alike, and you're not stuck with your state's plans.
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College Finance

Crowdfunding For College 101

Fundraising websites offer easy access to money, but they come with rules and costs. Read more

Money-saving tips for college

Need help paying for college? Try these savvy, nontraditional ways to save money. Read more

How to get an A in FAFSA 101

Score the most financial aid by knowing what assets count against you on the FAFSA form. Read more

Student debt: Is there a plan B?

Student loans can be consolidated for easier pay off. But what if that's not enough? Read more


Invest In College

Lucrative, unusual degrees

You don't need an engineering degree to earn big bucks. These majors offer similar salaries.

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