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Is your kid good at paying debts? You'd better know before co-signing that student loan.
When in college, a private loan to cover extra costs seems like a good idea. But watch out.
Here's how parents can cut the cord -- when it's keeping you tied to a child's student loans.
Here's a crash course in student loans if grad school will be your first time taking on debt.
Reducing the effective interest rate on a loan is smart, but know the tax impact.
Take our crash course on whether a graduate student should tap Uncle Sam or a private lender.
Limit the amount of debt you take on from student loans with these four tips.
Parents wondering how they got on a child's student loan might ask the kid, ask for a lawyer.
Take on debt while you're in school? Study up on these points before getting a college loan.
Federal loans will be cheaper for some borrowers and those who consolidate certain loans.
College grads have a leg up in the job market, yes? Not in a downturn, they don't. Here's why.
It seems smart to bundle student loans to parents and child, but the strategy faces snags.
Bogged down by college debt? A financial aid guru weighs in on loan consolidation.
Student loans are in flux. Get a rundown of the changes before deciding who signs for the debt.
If you die, your spouse might be liable for your student loan. It depends on the lender.
Congress cut student loans as it raised the debt ceiling. Expect less aid in the future.
Thinking about using a home equity loan to cover your college costs? Consider the pros and cons.
Drowning in student loans? Here are seven things to learn about pursuing a college loan consolidation.
Minimize the financial strains of college by taking these steps before debt comes due.
If you're a conservative investor, it likely makes more sense to pay off your college loan.
You co-signed a college loan. If your kid doesn't pay, you're next in line for collection.
College costs are increasing. Start saving early in your child's life.
Get your FAFSA forms in. It's late in the year to request aid for the coming school year.
Exhaust other avenues first. Private loans should be your college financing of last resort.
Follow these rules to ensure the loan you take out now isn't a burden after graduation.
If you're slapped with unexplained college loan fees, call the federal fraud hotline.
Trying to get a student loan discharged? You may face a three-pronged eligibility test.
As big banks pull out of the student loan market, community banks step in. Know the pros and cons.
College grads expecting canceled debt may face big student loans instead. These are their options.
If you've gotten a letter about your student loan, here's what you need to know.
The credit crunch has extended to student loans, leaving many wondering how they'll get funds.
When you search multiple loan options, you could be damaging your credit report. Here's the best way to shop
Forget the usual scramble to consolidate student loans by July 1. This year, rates are expected to drop.
A home equity loan typically offers better terms than a student loan, says the College Money Guru.
When you file for bankruptcy, you're still eligible for government student loans, but not for private loans, says the Bankruptcy Adviser.
Student loan repayment is right behind death and taxes in terms of unavoidability, but there are loopholes.
The date you graduate sets the date you'll have to start paying back that money. This chapter teaches you how.
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Product Rate Change Last week
Stafford Loan-in school 4.29%  0.37 4.66%
Stafford Loan-after school 4.29%  0.37 4.66%
Plus Loan 6.84%  0.37 7.21%
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