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Is your kid good at paying debts? You'd better know before co-signing that student loan.
When in college, a private loan to cover extra costs seems like a good idea. But watch out.
Here's how parents can cut the cord -- when it's keeping you tied to a child's student loans.
Here's a crash course in student loans if grad school will be your first time taking on debt.
Reducing the effective interest rate on a loan is smart, but know the tax impact.
Take our crash course on whether a graduate student should tap Uncle Sam or a private lender.
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Student Loan Averages
Product Rate Change Last week
Stafford Loan-in school 3.76% --0.00 3.76%
Stafford Loan-after school 3.76% --0.00 3.76%
Plus Loan 6.31% --0.00 6.31%
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Transferring a grandparent's 529 plan to the parents can help them in several ways. Find out how.

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