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After last week's quick rise, mortgage rates fell as the economy's performance fizzled.
If you're an underwater homeowner and can't refinance your mortgage, HARP may help.
As the feds encourage more refinancing, mortgage rates cooperate by holding steady.
Soon you may be able to refi no matter how far underwater. Mortgage rates are cooperating.
Mortgage rates dwindle as the furor over the euro endures, worrying investors worldwide.
Mortgages are as dormant as winter grass. Will rates rise before HARP 2.0 blooms in spring?
Will mortgage rates stay low through the election, or rise in a stock rally? Take a guess.
HARP's makeover enhances smoldering allure of refis. Plus, mortgage rates didn't change.
Greece gave us democracy and this week it gave us lower mortgage rates. Well done, Greece.
The HARP refinance program was a bust. Will a revised HARP let you refi and save money?
An expanded refi plan kicks off in weeks, vexing homeowners who covet today's low rates.
The Home Affordable Refinancing Program allows homeowners to refinance underwater mortgages.
If you can't meet HARP's refinancing conditions, try another program that's a better fit.
Get a first-person account of the challenges encountered as this man sought to refinance his mortgage.
These two obstacles can really throw your HARP refi off course. What can you do?
Discover the break-even point to decide whether to refinance an underwater mortgage.
This little-known, often misunderstood program helps upside-down borrowers.
A hitch in the HARP program is catching numerous homeowers by surprise.
HARP, a program that lets upside-down homeowners refinance their mortgages, is extended.
The government is offering mortgage help to borrowers whose loan exceeds the property value.
Rates retreated a bit and refi applications surged as homeowners prepare for higher rates.
Check your spending at the door and use these money-saving tips for everyday life and retirement.
Borrowers who are "underwater" may struggle to get a refinance, but options do exist.
Can you take advantage of continuing low mortgage rates? Here's how to tell.
The Home Affordable Refinance program is filled with tiny details that could derail potential deals.
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