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When in college, a private loan to cover extra costs seems like a good idea. But watch out.
Here's a crash course in student loans if grad school will be your first time taking on debt.
Fewer students will qualify for grant money, and federal student loans will get more expensive.
With tuition bills and loan defaults on the rise, more students wonder if college is worth it.
If a family changes states, the old one may still be used for the kids' prepaid tuition accounts.
Reduce the risk of student loan default by landing a job before you even finish college.
Compare Student Loan Rates

Student Loan Averages
Product Rate Change Last week
Stafford Loan-in school 3.76% --0.00 3.76%
Stafford Loan-after school 3.76% --0.00 3.76%
Plus Loan 6.31% --0.00 6.31%
Private Student Loan See Rates
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Transferring a grandparent's 529 plan to the parents can help them in several ways. Find out how.

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