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Red flags: How to spoil a home description

Red flag: Hyperbole
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A listing that claims to offer the very best property on the market might not do the seller any favors, says Ziad Najm, a broker at Cedar Real Estate in Mission Viejo, Calif. He cautions against outlandish and hyperbolic claims.

"While creativity should be maximized to market a listing, these claims can be highly subjective and can be interpreted in many ways by different buyers," Najm says. "Some buyers may be turned off to begin with and some will inevitably be disappointed if the claim doesn't live up to their expectations."

It's a fine line, but according Najm, sellers do well to stay away from superlative claims. So rather than describing the house as "the best," a more sensible strategy is to focus on adjectives that are flattering, but leave room for other opinions.




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