Dear Terry,

I’ve had a 1997 Acura Integra RS sitting in my garage for the past four years. I am hesitant to sell it because I have a few modifications on it that “normal” people would consider extreme (racing steering wheel, racing headers, racing exhaust system, etc.).

Should I return the car back to stock, sell it as is or just donate it? Any suggestions would be helpful.

— Shuhei

Dear Shuhei,

You don’t say whether the modifications on the car make it illegal for street use — such as not being able to pass an emissions test. If that’s the case and you have the stock parts you took off the car, I would return it to street condition and try to sell it.

If you don’t have the parts and would have to buy them, I would either try to sell the car as-is — fully disclosing that the car isn’t street legal — or donate it to a tech school with an automotive program and take a tax write-off, assuming you can find a school to take it.

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