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You may want to think rental when you buy
You may want to think rental when you buy | NadyaEugene/

You may want to think rental when you buy

If you're in the military or are a veteran and aren't necessarily in the market for rental property, maybe you should be. A VA mortgage loan offers the possibility of renting out your home when you move or are transferred, so you may want to think of the rental potential of any home you buy.

Scout out smaller, single-family homes in neighborhoods with desirable school districts, says Elizabeth Colegrove, a military spouse who runs the website The Reluctant Landlord. She says those houses are easier to rent.

"If you're in the right neighborhood, people will take a 1980s bathroom," Colegrove says.

Research the local rental market, too. Are rents going up or down? Are people eagerly moving into or fleeing the area?



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