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Top Story

Doctor and nurses talking to man laying in hospital bed

An epidemic of medical mistakes

Health care errors kill thousands each year. If you get sick, will you be at risk? Read more


Life Insurance For You

Life insurance can't wait

If your life insurance is lacking, you have no good excuses and no time to waste.

Latest Insurance Headlines

Did Dad's coverage outlive him?

See if a grieving family should worry about coverage for their loved one's property.Read more

Why your boss loves HSAs and FSAs

Hearing more about health savings accounts and the like where you work? Here's why.Read more

Why do auto insurers drop my guy?

Take these steps to fix things if car insurance cancellations become the norm.Read more

Annuity to the rescue?

An annuity can insulate your retirement from today's volatile investment climate.Read more

Insurance Basics

Picking the right health plan for you

We cut through insurance-speak to help you compare plans.Read more

Select health insurance

Price is just one of the many things you need to consider. Make sure it meets your needs.Read more

Permanent insurance

They're not sexy but diversifying your portfolio can be: annuities and permanent insurance.Read more

Know your home insurance policy

Take time to understand your policy's details. What you don't know could hurt you later.Read more

Insurance Adviser

Home insurance for falling trees?

Dear Insurance Adviser, What kind of home insurance do I need to protect my home from falling trees? -- Edmonds Dear Edmonds, You're in luck! Virtually all homeowners policies sold today cover damage to your home from...

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