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Doctor going over medical chart with patient © Alexander Raths/

5 health insurance must-knows

What should every consumer understand about health coverage? Find out. Read more


Obamacare Midyear Checkup

Obamacare basic benefits

From meds to maternity, see the coverage that's required under the health care law.

Latest Insurance Headlines

5 home upgrades that alter insurance

A home renovation can raise your insurance rate -- or lead to discounts.Read more

5 bad tickets for your insurance

Ouch! The worst of these moving violations can nearly double your insurance premium.Read more

Appealing a health claim denial

Don't take no for an answer from your health plan. Fight for payment in these steps.Read more

Quake insurance ready to rumble

Homeowners insurance won't take on a quake. At-risk homes require special coverage.Read more

Insurance Basics

Select health insurance

Price is only part of the equation when it comes to selecting health insurance . You also want to make sure you have a consumer-friendly health insurance company that makes it easy for you to get the care you need. Once...Read more

Choose a health plan

Having health insurance is great. Not having it is terrible. Between the two extremes are a lot of gray areas, paperwork and a host of confusing medical and legal terms. If you're lucky, you'll have some choices when it...Read more

Permanent insurance

Term insurance is the most common life insurance policy, and it is one that doesn't help build savings. Think of it as renting a safety net. You pay a fixed premium toward a specific payoff over a specific period of time,...Read more

Know your home insurance policy

Home insurance policies are long, complicated and written in legalese. But it can really pay to know what's in yours and how it works. "Insurance is a complex product and there's no harm and no shame in not fully understanding...Read more

Insurance Adviser

Auto insurance for the car-less?

Dear Insurance Adviser, My adult daughter recently moved to a city where she needs no car, so we transferred ownership of the car to me and I assumed payments. When renewing my auto insurance, I took her off the policy...

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