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Anyone with dependents should consider buying life insurance, says one professor.
Your medical decisions won't block a life insurance claim, but fraud's another matter. Don't do it.
Certain factors can void a life insurance policy, or at least make it more expensive.
Life insurance can help loved ones pay off estate taxes on what you leave them.
In the market for life insurance, but all the varieties are making your head spin? Here's help.
Is a long-term care policy the best way to get LTC coverage? Here's a rundown of the choices.
Finding a new life insurance policy can be a confusing process. Here's what to expect.
In the event of your death, this coverage would completely or partially pay off a loan.
Unlike most civilian jobs, life insurance coverage for military members comes with the occupation.
Before you buy a life insurance policy, understand the coverage. Ask your agent for these details.
Company group life insurance is a nice benefit, but how do you decide if it's enough?
It won't be easy finding a 40-year-old insurance policy. These few strategies might help.
Like a free credit report, you can check at no charge on what life insurance is in your name.
The rate of return on your whole life policy is important to know but hard to determine. These tips can help.
Who should buy life insurance? A lot depends on how you expect the payoff to help your survivors.
Before you borrow from your life insurance policy, consider the dangers.
Trading your life insurance for cash might seem creepy, but these tips help you profit.
Some types of life insurance can be tapped for cash, if you know how to access it.
There's more to life insurance than a boring contract you sign and forget.
The introduction of Term UL, a hybrid insurance product, gives consumers more flexibility.
Looking for information about life insurance? Our special feature has news you can use.
Two life insurance policies, one owner. Does such an approach make financial sense?
When should you switch from term life insurance to a policy with an investment component?
Life insurance comes in several flavors. This primer should help to decide which is best for you.
You can get a quick quote for life insurance on the Net. But use caution by following these hints.
A life insurance policy issued shortly before a man's death raises suspicions of fraud.
Financial planners warn this strategy is vulnerable to abuse, and the elderly need to beware.
Term life insurance premiums vary based on many factors. Find out what goes into defining your cost.
When deciding the time frame for your term life insurance, you should consider these cost factors.
Investing in a hybrid annuity could be the ticket to a tax-friendly, savvy way to manage care costs.
Find information about how to find the best life insurance with helpful tips.
A life insurance policy usually requires the signed consent of the insured person.
Check your state's office of insurance or consumer affairs to select a company that's in good financial shape.
Credit crunch and recession cause term life insurance rates to rise for the first time in decades.
Certain factors can invalidate a life insurance policy. Protect your heirs by taking these steps.
A new partnership program lets people hang on to some assets and still be eligible for Medicaid.

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