Health care reform

Recent health care reform stories

State health exchanges will offer bronze-to-platinum plans. What do the metals mean?
There's a good chance your state won't expand Medicaid as part of health insurance reform.
More insurance rebates are on the way thanks to health care reform. How much might you get?
Get the real story on whether Obamacare is a step toward a government health care takeover.
New state health care exchanges should sound familiar to employees of some companies.
New, major parts of the Affordable Care Act could affect your life soon. Are you ready?
Get answers to the who, what, where, when, why and how of the health care exchanges.
Beware of bogus health exchanges and other rip-offs capitalizing on Obamacare confusion.
There are a lot of wrong ideas going around about the health care overhaul law. Get the facts.
As insurers reinvent themselves under Obamacare, customers will feel side effects.
Your doctor might now use an iPad more than a prescription pad, thanks to a push from the feds.
More money for doctors and kid care is part of what's ahead in the new year under Obamacare.
Former Obama health economist Thomas Buchmueller offers his take on health reform.
Election Day's choice on health care amounts to whether we keep or dump the Obama overhaul.
New penalties aim to reduce hospital return trips for Medicare patients and save tax dollars.
What will you do if the Supreme Court says "no"? It's a bigger question for some people.
The new law targets unreasonable rate increases and exposes insurers who want you to pay them.
Many struggle with mental illness to avoid expensive treatment, but affordable help exists.
Hearings done, the Supreme Court must now decide what to do with the health care overhaul.
Discover how health care reform created a smorgasbord of programs that benefit families.
Wondering when reforms will affect you? Follow our timeline for upcoming changes to health care.
Technology offers new ways to save on insurance, but at a cost to personal privacy.
Low-income Americans often have less access to health care. Could new reforms help?
Health care reform mandates health insurance for all, but can it contain the cost of care?
Newly created Accountable Care Organizations allow providers to coordinate patient health care.
Major changes to health care will roll out this year as part of the Affordable Care Act.
As new health insurance rules take shape, states are providing ways to comparison shop.
Seniors especially should take note of these health reforms slated for next year.
The first wave of health reforms is kicking in. Find out which ones affect you and your family.
Health insurance changes under health care reform. This breakdown of the law will tell you how.
Medicare was at the center of the debate on health care reform. Now find out the real changes.
FSAs and HSAs have more restrictions under health care reform. Find out the impact on your wallet.
Some major facets of health care reform will help to preserve your insurance coverage this year.
Historic changes mean more people get coverage. Here's a timeline of what happens and when.
When passed, the new law will make insurance accessible to more consumers, but it won't be cheap.
Key differences in Senate and House health reform bills could affect your coverage -- and your cash.
Congress is working to make health care available to nearly everyone. What could this coverage cost?

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