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Dodge costly care outside your health insurance network. The health care reform law might help.
Former Obama health economist Thomas Buchmueller offers his take on health reform.
Some employers offer health insurance benefits to part-time workers. Are the plans any good?
Follow these easy steps to find an affordable comprehensive health insurance plan.
With a legal challenge behind it, the law will proceed with overhauling U.S. health insurance.
From health coaches to transplant travel: Explore the hidden coverage in your health insurance.
Moving out of the U.S.? Learn about health plans for Americans living overseas.
COBRA's cost can kick you when you're down from a job loss, but you may have coverage options.
Learn about the middlemen who can help lead you through the hills of health insurance.
This government health insurance program is one older Americans depend on.
Many struggle with mental illness to avoid expensive treatment, but affordable help exists.
Health insurance premiums may be rising, but know the risks of high-deductible plans.
Affordable health care coverage can be elusive. Could a condition-specific deductible help?
Technology offers new ways to save on insurance, but at a cost to personal privacy.
Health care reform mandates health insurance for all, but can it contain the cost of care?
If your income is low, you may qualify for help from your state with out-of-pocket Medicare costs.
Medical expenses incurred at the end of the year may be pushed to the next year to keep costs down.
This health insurance offers flexibility to go outside the plan's network of doctors and hospitals.
Looking for convenience and savings in a health care plan? Then this type of plan may be for you.
Need a doctor? How about one in a managed care health plan who emphasizes controlling costs?
Newly created Accountable Care Organizations allow providers to coordinate patient health care.
The Affordable Care Act is changing the way we take our medicine.
Under new health reform legislation, your health savings account could fall short.
Consider these strategies to help prevent the financial pain of a prolonged disability.
Did you know there is a bureau that keeps tabs on your health and how you live your life?
This U.S. health care program is considered a safety net for the poor.
Health insurance won't always cover all the costs associated with cancer. Be financially prepared.
Can your employee health care benefits save you money? Stretch your insurance dollar.
It's easy to postpone getting long-term care coverage, but waiting to buy it can be a costly move.
Open enrollment for Medicare Part D started Oct. 15. These tactics help you compare plans wisely.
Health care costs can add up quickly. Use these tools to compare and save.
Looking for coverage beyond standard health insurance? Then this type of insurance may be for you.
Not sure if a Medicare Advantage plan is right for you or which plan to choose? Consider these tips.
While it may not be a snake, COBRA can certainly take a bite out of your wallet.
With an HMO, stick with the approved list of docs or you may end up paying big for your appointment.
Buying private medical insurance isn't simple, so get started with this quick guide to the basics.
Find the simple ways to cut medical insurance bills.
If you're spending too much on health insurance, consider these four tactics for slashing extra cost.
Small business employers can get health insurance tax credit, if they qualify.
Check your health insurance coverage before you travel abroad to avoid nasty surprises.
You know you need health insurance. Here are some tips to get started on the buying process.
High-deductible health insurance will cost less, but only if you don't get seriously sick.
If you're self-employed, there are a variety of ways you can get health insurance.
Do your homework and determine your needs so you can find cheap health insurance.
There are a few ways to continue getting health insurance if you lose your job.
Health insurance runs the gamut on costs and coverage. Follow these hints to make the right choice.

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