5 lessons new retirees learn the hard way

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Eyes, ears and teeth retire, too
Eyes, ears and teeth retire, too © CandyBox Images/

One surprise awaiting new retirees is that Medicare doesn't cover many costs associated with losing a key sense, such as hearing.

Bud Hebeler, retired executive and founder of, says, "My teeth stopped working about the same time I did, and dental costs can be brutal." Crowns, root canals and implants cost a pretty penny and represent one-third of the financial burden retirees face after the paychecks and company insurance stops.

"Every one of our older friends has a hearing problem," says Hebeler, noting that costs for hearing aids can quickly reach thousands of dollars, with many tests not covered by insurance. This translates into unexpected expenses that may not be part of a new retiree's budget plan. Vision exams and treatments, hearing aids, and dental costs can quickly replace plans to travel, golf and spoil the grandkids.

Retirement coach Christine Moriarty suggests, "You almost can't afford not to have the additional insurance for them," adding, "They aren't just one-time expenses either. … Retirees will have to upgrade to new technologies at some point in order to maintain a good quality of living."


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