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Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images, The Washington Post/Getty Images

Donald Trump | NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images

Highest: Donald Trump (Republican)

Net worth: $1.4 billion

The 69-year-old Trump, who has claimed that's he's worth far more than this -- as much as $10 billion -- appears to have assets in the range of $1.4 billion to $2 billion, and liabilities between $265 million and $451 million.

His vast wealth, largely accumulated through decades of lucrative real estate deals, makes him by far the richest candidate. This puts The Donald well beyond even the rarefied 1% of Americans; he's in the top 0.1%.

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Hillary Clinton | JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images

High: Hillary Clinton (Democrat)

Net worth: $32 million

For a couple that claimed to be "dead broke" when leaving the White House 15 years ago, the former president and first lady/senator/secretary of state are in no danger of starving today. Federal records show their net worth is in the range of $11 million to $53 million, with no apparent liabilities.

The vast majority of this has come from speeches; both have been able to command low- to mid-6 figures for brief appearances.


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