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Does my auto policy cover additional drivers?
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If you're staying with family or friends during a road trip, there may be occasions when someone else drives your car.

Will your auto policy cover other drivers should an accident occur?

Ward says in most states, the driver probably will be at least partially covered if the vehicle is insured and the driver has your consent to use the car for the purposes intended.

"But that means no cross-country trips if you only gave permission to go to the store," he says.

However, the driver may not be off the hook for everything, according to Rick Crawley, research and development director for Progressive auto insurance in Mayfield Village, Ohio.

"If damages resulting from an accident exceed the amount allowed by your policy, then your cousin's insurance may be considered as secondary or supplemental insurance to the car," Crawley says.

If the other driver does not have car insurance, you may be held personally responsible for any remaining damages, says Crawley.

Crawley says that the final word on responsibility depends on the circumstances and your state's laws.

"Your best option is to check with your insurance company to find out how insurance works in your state," he says.




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