TD Bank

With a company history that dates back to early roots as Portland Savings Bank in 1852, TD Bank expanded throughout the 20th century, eventually becoming a subsidiary of TD Bank Financial Group in 2004. Today, TD Bank ranks in the top 15 of America's biggest banks, with more than 1,100 retail banking centers and more than 2,700 ATM locations in 13 states and Washington, D.C.

A member of the FDIC, TD Bank provides a wide range of banking and lending services for more than 6.5 million customers in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast. 

Credit cards with TD Bank

Customers can apply for two types of Visa-issued credit cards with TD Bank: one that earns cash back percentages and one that earns redeemable rewards points. Both cards carry no annual fees.

Trading and investing with TD Ameritrade

TD Bank's brokerage division, TD Ameritrade, gives customers online brokerage tools for independent trading and investing. Customers can review thorough research and analysis of stock trends and trade on their own.

Recent news at TD Bank

In May 2010, TD Bank announced plans for the acquisition of The South Financial Group, which includes 176 banking locations at the Southeast-based retail banking brands Carolina First Bank and Mercantile Bank. When the acquisition is complete, TD Bank will expand to service in 15 states.

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While TD Bank's international corporate headquarters are located in Toronto, the bank has two American headquarters in Cherry Hill, N.J., and another located here:

Two Portland Square
Portland, ME 04112-9540

To reach TD Bank's toll-free, 24/7 customer service center, call (888)751-9000.

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