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How to read a credit card's fine print

Find out which words carry the most weight in your card agreement and what they mean. Read more

Credit Card Blog

Jeanine Skowronski

More big stores skipping Apple Pay

The Apple Pay rival, CurrentC, is causing many retailers to hold off on adopting the new payment system.  ... Read more


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5 ways to raise a credit score

On-time payments and debt reduction aren't the only paths to a higher credit rating.Read more

Just one FICO score? Think dozens

Thinking you only have one credit score is like believing pigs can fly. Here's the real deal.Read more

Credit score vs. credit report

They sound similar, but they're not. Here's what you need to know.Read more

Pay off debt, credit score drops?

Many factors determine credit scores. Here's what can bite into yours.Read more

6 dicey ways to pay off debt

Paying down credit card balances is tough, but you can get in trouble doing it these ways.Read more

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