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4 uses for an unwanted gift card

Like a fruitcake, there's no reason to eat a gift card you don't want. Here's what to do.

Managing credit cards in 2016

Credit cards can lead to a debt curse. Using them wisely can yield many benefits.

Switching credit cards? Know this

Avoid nasty surprises when changing credit cards. Here are 5 things to watch for.

Why do credit cards expire?

Those annoying dates serve a useful purpose. Learn how they protect you from fraud.

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Greg McBride

Greg McBride: Mind your credit card rates

Interest rates on credit cards are likely to rise this year, so don't sit back -- take action. Read more

Mitch Strohm

Will card fraud increase at the pump?

Fraudsters may be taking advantage of the lack of security at pay-at-the-pump card readers. Read more

Mitch Strohm

Thieves exploiting chip card switch

Scammers are taking advantage of the massive credit-card-industry switch to chip-based credit and debit cards. Read more