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Disputing deposit errors on a bank account

You've committed to watching your bank account more closely. So where do you start? By getting to know your monthly account statement.

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While statements vary according to the kind of account you have and your bank, there are some basic entries to keep an eye on. Unusual transactions could be a red flag.

Sometimes you're the problem: You didn't write down a check or deposit, you wrote it down but transposed some numbers, you entered an amount as a debit instead of a deposit.

But your bank's not perfect. Banks make errors, too, and when you're sure it's their mistake, make sure the bank corrects it -- quickly!

The form letter below is a good way to alert your bank to a deposit mistake. The back of your statement should list the address to which you need to send the letter.

Personalize the letter by entering your specifics in the areas in red. You can print out this Web page and make your changes by hand or copy the body of the letter and paste it into a document where you can make your changes on your PC.


Name of bank
Street address
City, State, ZIP Code

Re: Incorrect deposit in account number

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am a customer with bank name. My account is held in your name and is number enter number again here.

Upon checking my most recent statement, I discovered an error regarding funds I deposited. After reviewing my records, I am certain amount in question is incorrect.

Now tell your bank the mistake you have found. Below are two examples of possible deposit mistakes:

  • I deposited $200 in my account on July 24, 2003, and my statement shows a deposit of only $20.

  • I deposited $200 in my account on July 24, 2003, but my statement shows no deposit for that date or the next business day. (You need to check your statement for transactions the following day, too, since the time of day that you make a deposit could affect when it is posted to your account.)

I have the receipt that I received from the teller when I made this deposit. A copy of that receipt, along with my statement that does not reflect this deposit, are enclosed for your review.

I appreciate your prompt attention to resolving this matter so that I have access to the money that I deposited on date.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call me at your daytime telephone number. I'll also check back with you on the status of this request and the action you have taken to rectify this bank error.

Your Signature
Your Typed Name
Your Address
City, State and ZIP Code

copy of deposit receipt
copy of monthly statement


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-- Posted: Oct. 23, 2003
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