GDP, CPI and other key economic reports

If you're keeping an eye on the economy, you need to watch these key pieces of data, updated by Bankrate as the information becomes available.

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Updated 10/22/2014
GDP, CPI and other key economic reports
  This week Month ago Year ago
Gross Domestic Product (billions) 17328.2 17311.3 16661.0
Housing Starts (thousands) 646 643 628
Producer Price Index 201.1 201.6 197.9
Consumer Price Index 237.4 237.4 233.5
Purchasing Managers Index 56.6 59.0 56.2
Retail Sales 442689 444377 426563
Unemployment Rate 5.9 6.1 7.2

Ratings methodology

Who are they for? Business owners, sophisticated investors and anyone who wants to keep an eye on the economy.

What's included? Statistics include: the unemployment rate, the level of monthly retail sales, price changes for businesses and consumers as measured by the Producer Price Index and Consumer Price Index, monthly housing starts, and the quarterly Gross Domestic Product, which measures the value of all goods and services produced in the U.S. in a given calendar quarter.

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