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Credit card rates for May 15, 2014


Credit card rates are mixed this week. I’m Doug Whiteman with your weekly look at credit card rates.

The average annual percentage rate for fixed-rate credit cards remained at 13.02 percent for the fifth straight week. And the APR for variable-rate cards ticked down 1 basis point to 15.6 percent. That’s the first movement since early April.

Keep an eye out for something new on your credit card receipts. Merchants are always looking for innovative ways to gather feedback from their customers. This week, Square launched Square Feedback, a service that allows merchants using its credit card readers to receive instant customer input via interactive digital receipts. The payments startup says it currently delivers more than 10 million digital receipts per month.

For more on this and to find the best credit card rates in your area, visit I’m Doug Whiteman.


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Product Rate Change Last week
Balance Transfer Cards 15.66% --0.00 15.66%
Cash Back Cards 16.36% --0.00 16.36%
Low Interest Cards 10.86%  0.01 10.87%

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