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European debt is an ocean away from the U.S., but its impact could trickle down to Main Street.
It's splitsville with a bank if you're unhappy. You won't snag a loan by supporting a bad bank.
Consumers are willing to switch financial institutions if their checking fees increase.
A bank's credit rating doesn't affect deposit accounts, but it's something you should check.
With so many choices in financial institutions, it pays to learn the differences.
It's not just a place to park capital. Learn how a business checking account can be a business tool.
Are online banks a good fit? Here are the distinct advantages you should consider.
Ask yourself these three questions before deciding to switch to a new bank.
Good banking habits with new technology are the key to managing your money.
A bank says a deposited check has been paid, yet it's returned for nonsufficient funds.
Bair kept banks afloat in the downturn while advocating reforms to avoid a future collapse.
ATM fees are going up, but there are ways to avoid them.
Free checking accounts can come with strings attached.
One man pines for solid earnings on his savings, but needs to consider the risk factor.
Here's what to look for in a bank when choosing one to fill your multistate needs.
Online banks may have the best rates, but consider other factors before putting your money there.
A bank CD provides a stable return, but before investing make sure it's the right move for you.
If your bank isn't setting a gold standard for service, consider switching.
If your bank is under new ownership, consider these six factors when deciding to stay or go.
They may be on the wane, but bank branches still provide plenty of services for customers.
How will the new banking regulations on overdraft protection affect your bank account?
As the FDIC's list of problem banks grows, here's how to determine if your bank is safe.
Should you choose a community bank? Or will a big national bank better serve your needs?
Customers who bank online gain many perks, but dangers may also lurk in cyberspace.
There are three reasons to hold cash, and they dictate the right type of bank account for you.
If your bank's woes have you worried about short-term liquidity, move some funds.
Banks are inflating their bottom line by hiking fees. Use our study to find the right account for you.
Humor columnist Jay MacDonald says 2009 bank failures raise the question "What's in a name?"
Banks have the right to make "reasonable" requests when trying to verify identification.
A bank is not responsible for enforcing the terms of a restrictive endorsement of a check.
The FDIC is restricting some banks from paying high interest. Will it hurt savers?
Business owners who know bank deposit rules can avoid the potential for messy payroll problems.
Bank cutoff times determine when a transaction is official, so know your institution's rules.
Balancing your checking account shouldn't take much time, and it can save you from high fees.
A handful of banks are willing to insure commercial deposits above the $100,000 level.
There's just one good solution to bank overdraft fees and that's to avoid overdrafting your account.
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