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ATMs don't often make errors. When they do, here is what to do to protect yourself.
You & your bank, sittin' in a tree. Take this quiz to see if it's a match made in money heaven.
Banks have the right to charge noncustomers for check-cashing. There's a way to avoid the cost.
Banks are seeing red over the proposed regulations. Why do they hate the Volcker rule?
From virtual deposits to digital wallets, mobile banking makes saving and spending easier.
If you're looking for the best financial institution and no fees, ask these five questions.
European debt is an ocean away from the U.S., but its impact could trickle down to Main Street.
Finding a savings vehicle can drive you to a shrink. Save your sanity with this infographic.
Follow this guide to keep your sensitive financial data from falling into the hands of hackers.
Mobile banking is the newest thing in deposit accounts. This primer brings newbies up to speed.
Banks are unveiling new ways to use mobile banking. Here's how to take the plunge. 
Online bill paying is not a worry for consumers. Mobile payments? Possibly. Here's what to know.
Critics call direct-deposit loans the equivalent of payday loans, but banks disagree.
The rule would ban banks' proprietary trading, but is it good or bad for banking customers?
New technology may spawn debit card deals tailored to you. Find out the future of rewards.
More banks are charging debit card fees for the first time. Find out why and what you can do.
Debit card rewards offerings are changing rapidly. Find out how in Bankrate's 2011 survey.
Customers can still redeem earned rewards points but might face expiration dates or fees.
If your debit rewards are under attack, try switching to a credit union or small bank.
Bankrate's 2011 Debit Card Rewards Survey finds these programs are dying. What can you do?
College student gets schooled in account management. Today's lesson: Don't over-debit.
Did you know the word "interest" has two meanings as a financial term?
This type of deposit will allow for the transfer of funds without any paper checks.
Need to share a bank account with a close relative or business partner? Open a joint account.
Look for new charges from banks trying to recoup fees lost through regulation.
If you're looking for a better bank rate, try looking in other places to boost your savings.
There are many benefits to online banking, and it's becoming even more secure.
Don't freak out if you misplace your ATM card. These tips will help with damage control.
Find the best bank rates can be taxing. Here are some easy steps to cut the work to a minimum.
The way you bank will help determine the best type of account to manage costs.
Great bank rates are important, but make sure not to lose money on unnecessary bank charges.
With a credit union or bank, deposit insurance increases on a joint account.
Pundits predicted a high-tech future for banking, but not everything panned out.
There are three habits you should start to prevent bank fees from piling up.
A bank's level of safety is based on factors other than brick-and-mortar walls.
There's no need to see a teller at the bank when you can perform these tasks on your smart phone.
At their core, community banks are about local service. Here's how to find the right one for you.
Find out more about your bank's FDIC status.
Obtaining free checking at banks may mean consumers have more hurdles to jump.
View a gallery of the five largest banks worldwide, ranked by the amount of assets.
Easy and plentiful access to ATMs abroad saves you money and aggravation.
With online banking, you can find out real-time how much money you can or can't spend.
Like meeting a first date, it pays to ask questions when entering into a relationship with a bank.
Knowing your spending habits can help you to select the best, cheapest bank checking account.
Banks are rushing to bring services to your cell phone. Here are reasons to start using them.
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