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8 ways that homebuyers annoy sellers

Don't: Ask for lots of 'visits' before closing
Don't: Request multiple 'visits' before closing © Andy Dean Photography/

Don't: Ask for lots of 'visits' before closing

This happens "again and again," says Mike Lubin, associate broker for Brown Harris Stevens in New York: "A buyer wants a lot of access after they've committed to purchase. They want to bring in decorators, architects, family or even visit it themselves."

Meanwhile, the seller is getting repairs done, accommodating inspectors, packing and moving, Mark Ramsey says. Because the seller has a tight deadline, the onus is on the buyer not to add to the load by requesting additional showings, he says.

A possible compromise: Arrange to visit while the inspector is there, Ramsey says. Another opportunity to visit is during the final walk-through before closing, he says.

One of the many reasons sellers hate those "drop-in" requests? Some buyers are scouting for ammunition to ask for price reductions or improvements, Laricy says.

Others might be shopping for the existing furniture and decor. Even after the ink has dried on the offer, buyers will notice a piece of furniture or a lamp or curio that they like "and ask for that to be left behind" as if it were included in the purchase price, Lubin says.

The bottom line, he says, is that "the seller wants the things they own."


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