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Zany ways that agents try to get noticed

Gone to the dogs
Gone to the dogs © Photo courtesy of The Corcoran Group

One of the best ways to find a real estate agent is through a referral from a trusted friend or family member. And these days, a lot of people think of their pets as members of the family. So presumably, that was logic behind an ad for New York's The Corcoran Group real estate firm, which enlisted Marcel, an adorable pooch, as the company's pitch-hound.

In the ad, Marcel turns to Corcoran's website (which is "to bark for") so he can find a canine-friendly pad in a neighborhood that has the kinds of amenities that cater to the four-legged crowd. But Corcoran isn't a self-serve operation. Corcoran uses Marcel's quest to find an agent with an "affinity for dogs" to show off the search functionality of its website, which lets you select agents based on various human criteria.

Corcoran ran the ad on local TV channels in New York and put it on YouTube, where it has more than a million views.


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