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6 things real estate agents wish you knew

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Yes, it has to smell good
Yes, it has to smell good © Diego Cervo/

Yes, it has to smell good

Sellers sometimes procrastinate on little details that make a big difference, Wiren says.

He can't count the number of clients who asked, "Does it really matter if we have the carpets cleaned or take the family photos off the wall?"

"The answer is 'yes,'" Wiren says. "A buyer needs to walk in and have it look good, feel good and smell good."

Sellers should put themselves in the shoes of prospective buyers -- and try to see the home for the first time, he says.

The home should be kept showroom-ready.

"It's a regular occurrence that I walk into a home with a buyer" and find "beds unmade and underwear on the floor," Wiren says. In spite of an appointment, "I don't see a home that's ready."

What the agent wishes you knew: A mess leaves an impression that's "hard for a buyer to overcome," Wiren says.

His checklist for a showing:

  • Home: Clean (and smelling good).
  • Temperature: Heated (or cooled) for comfort.
  • Lights: Left on to welcome guests.
  • Snacks or soft drinks: A nice touch.

The impression you want: "Warm, inviting and comfortable," Wiren says.

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